SummerfairSummerfair is the third moon on Shadow.

The Atlas of the Verse has the following to say about Summerfair:

Shadow’s moon Summerfair was largely bypassed during the conflict. When rumors of imminent Alliance action rose, some Shadow citizens used what little time they had to evacuate to Summerfair. The influx bolstered the moon’s burgeoning economy. Today, Summerfair is a mid-scale provider of weapons, textiles and general supplies to the Rim.

The populations of Shadow’s three moons melted away during the war for various reasons, particularly after the Alliance’s scorched-earth invasion and bombardment campaign left Shadow an uninhabitable husk.

A conspiracy theory popular on Summerfair argues that the Alliance used a conventional invasion and bombardment attack on Shadow to cover up a far more devastating weapon of mass destruction used to render Shadow completely uninhabitable as a sign to the Independent Faction of the Alliance’s resolve in bringing the conflict to a close, whatever the price. The people of Branson’s Mark share a similar theory about the destruction of Shadow.

The pre-war population of Summerfair was 167,000, and grew rapidly as refugees from Shadow made their way to the moon. Some stayed; many continued to flee from the sight of their ruined homeworld. Today, a sizable contingent of Shadow expatriates make up the largest cohesive minority group. Mostly undocumented, these “fugees” are proud of their heritage and many are agitating for a right of return to their homeworld, in spite of its current state.

Recently, an industrialist named Bracken Carter arrived on Summerfair, intent on building a sky train network to link Summerfair’s settlements together.

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