Newhouse color

Newhouse is a major port city on Beylix located adjacent to one of the largest Unified Reclamation scrapyards. It is home to many salvage operators who have purchased licences from UR or otherwise work as subcontractors.

Locations of Note

Chemical Storage Facility (5)

City Jail (14)

Edgar’s Place (10)

Emmet’s Bar (12)

Fu’s Palace (13)

Governor’s Mansion (15)

The Green (11)

The Heights (7)

Jettison Scrap and Salvage Company

Miner’s Guild Offices (16)

Newhouse Public Works Building (18)

Newhouse Smelter (4)

The Planetfall Bar (9)

Port Newhouse (1)

Port Newhouse Tower (3)

Ragtime General Store (17)

Scrap Iron Specialists

Shanty Town (6)

Sing Skyworks

Shin Hua Town (8)

Stanford and Son Junk Dealership

Technora Debris Reclamation

Victory Wreckers

Waldo’s Parts


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