HeraHera orbits the protostar Murphy in the Georgia System. Its population is 377,000,000.

Considered the breadbasket of the system, Hera is a largely agricultural world. Vertically-integrated agribusiness giants grow, process, and package all manner of foodstuffs on Hera for export to the farthest reaches of the ’Verse.

A description of HeraHera was originally the capital of the system, but its early break with the Alliance during the Unification War saw the Alliance move its capital infrastructure to Athens, which in turn was bombed heavily during the war after an Independent insurgency took root.

Hera, alongside its close orbital neighbour Shadow, was the seat of Independent power during the war, mustering a considerable percentage of ground troops and materiel for the Independent Faction. However, Hera is most famous as the location of the final major engagement of the Unification War, the Battle of Serenity Valley.

Located on the New Canaan Run, Hera’s strategic importance has by no means diminished in the years following the war, though more of the food grown there now finds its way to the Central Planets than in the pre-war period.

Hera is also home to several significant mining companies, including the Far Yukon Corporation, which specializes in titanium extraction, and HeraCorp, which mines bauxite.

The slum riots on Hera never make the news.

Hera has two moons: Bullet and Eris.

Locations of Note


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