DeadwoodDeadwood is the seventh planet orbiting Blue Sun. Its population is 1,575,000.

Like most of the planets in the far-flung Blue Sun region, Deadwood is downright hardscrabble, with tough settlers used to the lean times.

Deadwood is under the control of the Corone Mining Consortium, who gave generous subsidies to the Terraforming Consortium in exchange for all mineral rights on the planet. Corone’s word is the law in the many company towns that dot the surface of Deadwood, but their interest in keeping the peace only extends to safeguarding their mining operations. Add to that the total corruption of what little planetary government exists, and Deadwood’s reputation for lawlessness is secured.

Just don’t try to jump anyone’s claim.

The skeletal remains of boomtowns gone bust litter the played-out countryside. Folk who try and hang on after Corone pulls up stakes have it pretty rough.

Deadwood has two moons: Haven and New Omaha.

Locations of Note:


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