Three Hills

Three hillsThe twelfth planet orbiting Georgia, Three Hills is home to 175,000,000 people, though you wouldn’t know it by looking – the planet has one of the lowest population densities in the ’Verse.

The planet was terraformed in the year 2370, and was named for the main geographical features present at the landing site for the first wave of settlers.

In May 2508, the planet was the site of the famous Battle of Three Hills, a major Independent Faction victory over numerically superior Alliance forces.

Ranching is one of the main industries on the planet. Competing cattle barons have jockeyed for position on the Range for over a century.

Three Hills has three moons: New Lafayette, Conrad, and, unfortunately, Bob. Interestingly, Conrad has the highest population density to diameter ratio in the ’Verse.

Locations of Note

Three Hills

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