The Iago Group


The Iago Group is a holding company controlling several of Baron Otello’s corporate interests. Corporations falling under the Iago Group’s control include:

  • Constellation Event Properties, LLC – A chain of casino complexes on Santo and Pelorum;
  • Guardian Port Security Services – A private security company with spaceport security contracts; and
  • Phoenix Construction Solutions – The winner of several post-war no-bid reconstruction contracts on half a dozen worlds.

The Iago Group occupies several floors of an impressive office tower that is located in coveted space in Capital City’s downtown district. The building’s lobby is ultramodern, with angular furniture arranged in conversation pits and the sound of a waterfall that echoes across the marble floor, even though there’s no waterfall present. A secretary is stationed behind a large bean-shaped desk.

Declan Jenner’s office is located here. It is fabulously well appointed, with Earth-That-Was artifacts on display under glass, and shelf after shelf of books that smell of rich mahogany and leather bindings. There are overstuffed couches arrayed before a magnificent teak desk, its surface inlaid with a glowing active multimedia display.

The Iago Group

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