The Boxers

The Boxers were a Tong-backed paramilitary society who fought on the side of the independence during the Unification War.

They were seditious insurgents who temporarily aligned themselves with the cause of Independence during the war. The Boxers were the subject of much propaganda put out by the Alliance in an attempt to further discredit the Independent Faction. The Alliance branded the Boxers as nothing more than terrorists, and they weren’t too far off – the Boxers were at bottom a mercenary operation who hired themselves out to the Browncoats.

The Boxers hated the Alliance for their own reasons and showed no mercy when it came to battle. They tended to prefer striking soft targets, and were not above killing civilians.

The Alliance viewed the Boxers as unlawful combatants and dealt with them harshly. When the Boxers chose to surrender after the Alliance’s offer of general amnesty to the Browncoats, they were immediately disarmed and incarcerated.

The Boxers took their name from a similar organization based on Earth-That-Was in the 19th and early 20th Century.

The Boxers

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