Taros Reclamation Facility

The Taros Settlement is a methane-reclamation facility nestled close to a Unified Reclamation waste dump on Beylix. There are no landing facilities at Taros, and no starships or aircraft are allowed in the area due to the flammable nature of the gas being reclaimed. A rail system connects the settlement to Newhouse, a nearby, much larger community with proper landing facilities.

Taros is a company town run by Taros Bio-Reclamation, Inc. TBR employs more than 700 workers in three eight-hour shifts around the clock, houses their families and provides essential services. The town is an underground complex of tunnels and habitation modules linked to the surface by elevators and emergency stairways.

The main attraction at Taros is the weekly battle droid fights, with all sorts of betting and gambling going on. It’s pretty much the only source of local entertainment for the methane reclaimers, UR scrapyard drudges, and other hangers-on in town. In fact, its popularity – and more importantly, the gambling revenues that accompany that popularity – has provided the citizens of Taros with a sizable financial windfall. Local and interplanetary entertainment media have latched on to the robotic knock down, drag out scraps, with corporate sponsors sniffing around as well.

Most of the facility is built underground to protect against explosions on the surface.

Locations of Note

Taros Reclamation Facility

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