Sturges is the first moon on Aphrodite. Its population is 12,575,000.

Sturges the moon is a lot less famous than the battle it lent its name to. Its economy was based largely on agricultural and mineral trade with Aphrodite and its other moons, and its population was scattered across several small communities.

Populated largely by pro-Independence folk, Sturges always had a contentious relationship with Aphrodite. Lunar politics being what they are, the people of Sturges were faced with a difficult choice when the War landed on their doorstep, given their close economic ties with an Alliance-friendly world. Many merely swallowed hard and kept their heads down, while others joined up with the Independent Faction. It was the same story that played out on planets and moons across the ’Verse.

Though the people of Sturges had to deal with an influx of refugees from Aphrodite as the war continued, few expected their little moon to figure in the wider conflict at all. However, the Battle of Sturges wound up being one of the defining military engagements of the Unification War, and it happened right in their backyard.

After the war, life on Sturges returned to a new normal – a greater Alliance presence on the ground, new travel restrictions, and a certain regulation of daily life.

Locations of Note


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