Stonewall is the first moon on Highgate.

Stonewall is situated quite close to its primary, but not so close as to be torn apart by Highgate’s stronger gravity. The moon got its name because that’s what it looks like when viewed from Highgate – a great stone wall. Tidally locked with Highgate, the impassive face of Stonewall is a familiar sight to the people who live and work in its shadow.

The moon has been terraformed, but just barely. Stonewall’s close proximity to its primary has resulted in much geological activity. Its terrain is mountainous, with rocky ranges separated by impressive impact craters. Many of these craters, filled with precipitation, have become lakes that dot Stonewall’s surface and provide much of the moon’s fresh water. Runoff from these crater lakes has carved canyons that spread across the moon in a childlike scrawl.

Stonewall, like much of Highgate, is run by the Stratton Family.

Stonewall is lightly populated with about 250,000 residents, and features one limited service starport for passenger travel and a second transhipment depot for bulk cargo, and the moon is home to a private residential enclave owned by one of the Highgate’s most prominent moneyed families, the Strattons.

Stonewall boasts the only planet/moon space elevator, or “beanstalk,” in the ‘Verse. Travelers on Highgate can “take the train to Stonewall” and the Stratton Family is planning on bringing transport modules online so they can ship bamboo directly from Highgate’s surface to their personal storehouses, much to the chagrin of freighter pilots and labour unions planetside.


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