Stanton Gap

Stanton Gap as viewed from the approach corridor

Stanton Gap is the biggest port on Athens, a central convergence point for salvage operators, farmers, and miners to transfer their wares off planet. Located near some of the largest open-pit marble quarries in the ‘Verse, the city straddles a major pass between a mountain range.

Stanton Gap is home to a mix of Corone Mining Consortium personnel, Unified Reclamation employees, members of the agricultural cartels, and the Tong criminals who facilitate their interactions.

The centerpiece of the town is the Big Stack, a thousand foot chimney connected to Stanton Gap’s sizeable smelting complex, operated jointly by UR and Corone. Slag from bombed-out cities is trucked in and melted down into something more usable, while the mining consortium uses it to refine minerals carved from its planetside holdings.

Ringing the smelting facility is the warehouse district, a shadowy network of shabby go-downs and machine shops.

Beyond that is the spaceport, a collection of landing pits and refueling facilities that cater mostly to the corporate bulk lifters that constantly load and unload.

Rooming houses, corporate dormitories and pod hotels make up most of the living quarters for the city’s residents. People don’t live here unless they absolutely have to, as the atmosphere is generally unpleasant, and in case of the breathable air, literally unpleasant.

Agricultural goods are traded in a sprawling set of Fuller domes that are carefully pressurized to filter out the pollution. They are then packed on-site and transferred to waiting warehouses or cargo holds in sealed containers – an expensive proposition.

There is a lucrative trade on salvage claims facilitated by the black market. Shady salvage operators try to woo investors to fund their dubious operations in some of the bombed-out cities. Some claim to have ownership of bank vaults, warehouses full of raw materials, and technological treasures just waiting to be excavated.

There is also a thriving trade in the refurbishing and reselling of old Alliance and Browncoat military equipment salvaged from the battlefields. All semi-legal, as long as the weapon systems are deactivated. But, for a price, certain exceptions can be made.

The Alliance keeps close tabs on this city due to the sensitive nature of some of the recycling operations. The Alliance War Graves Commission is involved in the interring of remains uncovered during salvage operations, and a detachment of marshals are stationed to keep a lid on public resentment whenever the issue of carpet bombing comes to light.

Locations of Note:

Stanton Gap

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