Silverhold Colonies

SilverholdThe Silverhold Colonies are located on a planet of the same name orbiting the brown dwarf/protostar Heinlein. With a population nearing 744 million, it one of the most populous worlds in the Red Sun region.

True to its name, silver is one of the primary exports, though aluminum, copper, gold and titanium are also scratched from the earth by a number of mining operations under the aegis of the Mining Guild. Though it is famed for its fog-shrouded mountains, Silverhold also has a goodly amount of arable farmland and forests.

The colonies that give the planet its name are descended from three independent settler expeditions that lit out from the Central Planets after terraforming was completed in 2417. In the century since the colonies were established, the population has exploded, and immigrants arrive daily.

The colonies have retained their national and geographic identities to a far more elaborate degree than many of the planets in the ’Verse. The Colonies, though they are considered a single jurisdiction for law enforcement and governance purposes, are quite fractured, and the planet has been locked in a sort of “cold war” for decades. Indeed, many Federal agents feel more like peacekeepers than cops. Visitors to the Silverhold Colonies will note that an Alliance cruiser, the IAV Amerigo, is parked in permanent orbit around the planet – a not-so-subtle reminder to the people of Silverhold of who is really in control.

Despite the considerable Alliance presence, most of Silverhold is open to outside trade traffic, with few jurisdictions even bothering to log comings and goings.

Silverhold has one moon, Beggar’s Tin.

Locations of Note

Silverhold Colonies

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