SihnonSihnon is a Central Planet located in the White Sun region. It is the third planet orbiting White Sun. Its population is 5,330,000,000.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of Sihnon to the ’Verse. Together with Londinium, Sihnon is at the very core of the Core. Words alone can hardly do the planet justice in terms of its impact on the history and culture of the Alliance and the current political framework of the galaxy.

Robot terraformers arrived in the year 2200 in advance of the Exodus fleet and began tweaking Sihnon, then known as P/2027/(White Sun)04. The first arks began arriving soon afterwards, and the planet, christened Sihnon in honour of the Chinese superpower’s role in the Global Exodus Alliance, was fully colonized and settled by 2225.

Though old nationalities and ethnicities had largely faded during the many years of the Exodus, old allegiances resurfaced as billions of Chinese colonists chose to make Sihnon their home. The same can be said for Londinium and the Americans and the rest of the allied English-speaking peoples. Each planet ultimately represented the power base of the two superpowers who had co-operated to ferry the population of Earth-That-Was across the void of space, and for the good of humanity, they continued to co-operate, growing into the most populous and advanced civilizations in the ’Verse.

Travel poster sihnonSihnon played a vitally important role in the formation of the current Anglo-Sino Alliance and is well-represented in Parliament. Though Londinium is home to the formal seat of government, Sihnon is at the centre of interplanetary trade and commerce. The major trade associations are located in Sihnon’s Great City, as is the famous Sihnon Exchange. The Sihnon Trade Commission keeps a careful eye out for excessive corruption.

The planet is the undisputed shining centre of Asian culture in the ‘Verse and is known for its unsurpassed natural beauty. It is the heart of the Buddhist faith, with temples and monasteries to spare, and is also the central hub of the ’Verse’s guild system, including the Companion Guild, which is headquartered there.

Wild Sky was born on Sihnon.

Sihnon has three moons: Airen, Xiaojie, and Xiansheng. All three are surprisingly sparsely populated, considering the status of the world they orbit around.

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