Plaza Station

Plaza Station is a mass transit hub in the Atoll Plaza, linked to Beaumonde’s planetary train network.

The station is built in the neo-postmodern Interplanetary Style, its distinguishing features including an overuse of marble and burnished copper. Holographic advertisements lined the polished fa├žade of the train station, advertising the luxury Oceanic route, as well as other short-range commuter train services.

Newtech gunscans are set up at checkpoints at the main entrance and within the terminal itself. After clearing security, passengers can step onto a movator that ferries them to the train platform, which sits under a curved awning programmed to display clear skies, whatever the weather might be.

The Beaumonde Ocean Limited, a luxury tourist train, takes on passengers at Plaza Station through a first-class terminal that is off-limits to ordinary transit riders.

Plaza Station

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