Persephone and its moons

Persephone is the first world orbiting the protostar Lux in the White Sun region. Its population is 2,570,000,000.

Persephone found itself on the losing side of the Unification War, if not the wrong one. It was one of the first worlds, along with Shadow and Hera, to muster armed forces in support of Independence. Several key land battles were fought on Persephone; its proximity to the Central Planets made it a choice strategic target for both sides.

Travel poster persephonePersephone is a civilized planet with a heavily stratified societal structure. The planet is home to a landed aristocracy of lords and ladies, with titles being bought and sold on a regular basis by whoever can afford the stylish sash. The wealthy nobles live on private gated estates, dance at opulent balls beneath gravity-defying chandeliers, and occasional run one another through at Kaytree Pond at first light.

It’s that sort of world.

Persephone’s urbanization and population density belie its status as a Border Planet. It lives up to its reputation as “the gateway to the ’Verse” with its bustling dockyards and pristine urban cores. For many Core Worlders, it is the last taste of civilization before heading out to the fringes of the system.

Persephone has two moons, Hades and Renao.

Locations of Note


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