Kieran Yards

The Kieran Yards is a shipyard on Boros.

The company is named for its founder, Aric Kieran, an engineering and design prodigy who was designing practical starships before his sixteenth birthday. The company was famous for its Drakken-class, Osprey-class, Adelaide-class and Prospector-class transports, which featured pilot-friendly designs that made them immensely popular.

The large number of Kieran-designed ships that found their way into the hands of the Independent forces during the way gave Alliance High Command the pretext it needed to nationalize the company, spinning off its innovative R&D department and partitioning its operations to several of the company’s more Alliance-friendly competitors.

After nationalization, the company produced workaday models like the Type 917 transport, which used off-the-shelf components from Kieran’s warehouses.

Although they have restarted production following the War, Kieran is producing only limited numbers of older designs, and much of the innovation that marked their earlier designs has been lost.

Kieran Yards

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