A Hammerhead-class freighter

  • Name – Ironmonger
  • Class – Hammerhead-class freighter converted to salvage duty
  • Dimensions – 260 × 120 × 80
  • Tonnage – 4,200 tons
  • Crew Complement – 2 officers, 8 hands
  • Speed Class* – 2 cruise/4 hard burn
  • Crew Quarters – 4 double crew cabins, 2 single cabins, common area
  • Passenger Capacity – 2 triple cabins with 6 passenger capacity
  • Fuel Capacity – 125 tons/800 hours
  • Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load – 1400 tons
  • Price – 52,492 credits (new)
  • Complexity – Low
  • Maintenance Costs – 630 credits/month
  • Life Points – 10
  • Armor – 2W

AGI – d4 STR – d6 VIT – d6 ALE – d6 INT – d2 WIL – d4

Traits – Fuel Efficient, Seen Better Days, Branded

Quirks – Septic tank a little on the smelly side, and the crew is convinced it is that way because Ironmonger used to be a sludge scow.

Weapon Systems

1 .10 pound cannon with 20 round magazine, mounted over the engines.


  • 1 cryochamber
  • 1 month standard medical supplies
  • Ship’s infirmary (modular operating theatre)
  • Machine Shop
  • Utility Crane
  • 6 articulated graspers (to hold salvage in place during operations)
  • 2 heavy-duty utility mules
  • Cargo monorail (for transfer of cargo in dorsal bays)


Ironmonger is a Hammerhead-class transport at the high end of the midbulk designation that has been refitted as a deep space salvage craft. Her length is 281 feet, her beam 121 feet, and she has a depth of 80 feet. Her beam takes into account the reentry heat shields that give the Hammerheads their name, and her depth includes the dorsal-mounted utility crane.

A standard Hammerhead transport features a ventral cargo hold rack that can handle standard 40-foot shipping containers. Articulated limbs mounted on rails (three per side) can pluck out cargo containers from the rack. A utility crane can access standard dorsal upper holds.

Ironmonger’s modifications include the removal of the ventral cargo container rack, freeing up a cavernous bay that derelict or damaged craft can be drawn into. The articulated limbs now hold vessels in place while the Ironmonger’s crew does its work. The fore and aft sections of the transport designed to anchor the cargo rack now serve as landing gear assemblies and crew ingress/egress points. Reinforced cargo elevators descend from the upper hold to accept cargo ventrally, while the utility crane can be used to sling cargo into the dorsal hold access points.

The upper hull of the Ironmonger, a flat space in between the fore and aft superstructure, can be used as a repair deck while the two cargo access points are sealed. While in space, the Ironmonger tends to use its ventral repair bay. There are several airlocks mounted on the fore superstructure that can extend up to twenty-five feet to link up with ships pulled into the bay. A machine shop for detailed scrapping work has been installed.

Many salvage ships also double as rescue craft when circumstances permit. Ironmonger features a modular med bay and a cryo-chamber for severe injuries. The ship is stocked with a month’s worth of medical supplies.

Ironmonger’s communication and sensor array has been boosted and is superior to systems found on most Hammerhead transports. Salvage craft need to be able to respond quickly to distress signals.

She can sling a Firefly-sized vessel into its ventral repair bay and retain its maneuverability. She can enter a planet’s atmosphere with a vessel slung underneath.

Ironmonger spent much of its life as a sewage scow and has gained a reputation as a stinking rig even though its septic garbage containers have long since been disconnected. The crew maintains that the vessel still carries a bit of the smell left over from its solid waste-hauling days.

Ironmonger has a standard crew complement of ten, including the captain, first mate, ship’s doctor, Chief Engineer, Pilot, and up to five scrappers, many of whom are hired as much for their prowess with firearms as anything. Outlaw salvage is a dangerous occupation. Ironmonger also has two triple bunks for rescued passengers.

Ironmonger’s current captain is Oxford Grant, otherwise known as “The Ox,” a hulking, 350-pound bear of a man whose distinguishing feature is a heavy-gauge ring through his nose. Grant is a rogue scrapper who tries to work one step ahead of Unified Reclamation whenever possible. He works out on the rim, where the pickings are slightly less slim than elsewhere.

Other crewmembers include Coburn Chang, the first mate, Dash Irving (“Irv”), the primary pilot (and raging alcoholic), Carl Finlow, the Chief Engineer, and a trio of scrappers/muscle who go by various names – Tuck, Davis, and Liu Tan.

Recent crew additions include Ying Johnson, the secondary pilot, ship’s doctor Tulsa, and a mechanic/hired gun, Wentworth Evans. They had been on the job about four weeks before the events of Hull Down.


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