Interpol, which is short for Interplanetary Police, is an Alliance law enforcement organization charged with the task of tracking criminal suspects who have fled the jurisdiction of local planetary law enforcement across interplanetary borders, as well as dealing with crimes committed in areas that are outside local control, while remaining under Alliance control.

Interpol leans towards the investigation of interplanetary crime rather than direct enforcement, as inter-organizational conflict with the Federal Marshals can get a little heated. However, Interpol inspectors are given a fair amount of leeway, almost equal to the authorizations granted to the roving agents of Allied Enforcement.

Dealing with an inspector from Interpol is more like interacting with a bureaucrat than a police officer, although the experience can be just as distasteful depending on the circumstances of one’s encounter.

Inspector Andre Clouet is a fine example of an Interpol agent on the prowl.


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