HarvestHarvest is the fourth world orbiting Red Sun. Its population is 66,000,000.

As its name suggests, Harvest is a primarily agricultural world. Initially settled by folks who wanted to get back to the land, the planet is home to farmers, some of whom could trace their landholdings all the way back to the initial colony drops.

In the years since the end of the Unification War, Blue Sun has bought up most of the individual or family farms on the planet, replacing them with large-scale, automated factory farms that produce agricultural goods for export to the Central Planets.

Harvest is quickly gaining a reputation as a breadbasket for the ’Verse. Most of the currency exchanged for its goods goes into the pockets of Blue Sun, and not into the local population.

Harvest has two moons: Farraday and Higgin’s Moon.

Locations of Note


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