Greenleaf1Greenleaf is the third planet orbiting the Red Sun. Its population is 220,000,000.

The world has a large tropical belt, creating massive swamps, jungles and rainforests. The many plants that thrive in the tropical regions provide the building blocks for myriad life-saving pharmaceuticals that are not easily synthesized in a laboratory. It didn’t take long for major drug companies, including the Great East Corporation, to set up shop on Greenleaf.

It also didn’t take long for the residents of Greenleaf to get in on the action, making clippings of pharmaceutical plants to sell on the black market. The introduction of traceable genetic tags has not slowed the illegal trade as of yet, as the many small cartels are difficult to track down, hidden as they are by millions of square kilometers of thick jungle.

The Alliance keeps an eye on the growing drug trade on Greenleaf, and has contracted a number of security companies, including Blackwell Security, to handle search, seizure, and interdiction operations planetside.

Not that all business is done under the table. Greenleaf’s climate has produced some of the best wine country in the ’Verse, especially in the northern coastal regions, and there are many vintners who ply their trade legally. There are also a number of ore and gem mines deep in the jungle, quietly extracting minerals for export offworld.

Greenleaf has three moons: Dyton, Agyar, and Bryson’s Rock.

Locations of Note


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