GhostGhost is the 12th planet in the Kalidasa region. Only recently terraformed, Ghost is still in the settlement phase, attracting settlers from all over. “Attract” may be the wrong word – sure, Ghost has an atmosphere that won’t kill you when you breathe it, but beyond that, the little world doesn’t have much going for it. Rocky soil that laughs at most seeds that get planted in it, ore deposits that are difficult to extract while turning a profit, and brackish lakes that even the mudskippers don’t want to swim in.

Some enterprising settlers tried to set up a manufacturing hub, given the world’s close proximity to Beaumonde and Aberdeen, but the initial boom has gone bust, leaving the one real city on Ghost, Garson Town, a half-empty dump. This hasn’t stopped a surprisingly well-organized criminal element from moving in. Made up mostly of gangsters who couldn’t hack it on Beaumonde, they supply the settlers with any number of illicit goods. The top dogs on Ghost were a pair of brothers, Kingston and Hinton, though nobody’s heard from them in a while now.

They say Ghost was given its name because of the way it looked in its pre-terraformed state when viewed from the surface of Beaumonde – a white spectre glowing in the Black. It’s also on an orbital path that follows Aberdeen quite closely, “ghosting” it.

Ghost has two moons: Inferno and Xibalia. Both are still being terraformed, although the Terraforming Consortium views the operations as merely make-work activities for crews too loyal to muster out.

Locations of Note

Garson Town


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