Beylix1Beylix orbits the protostar Penglai, and is a world with a dense cloud cover and ice rings. Terraformed less than a century ago, Beylix was on the fast track to becoming an agricultural superpower. That is, until Unified Reclamation decided that property values were right for the planet to house its “reclamation and recycling” operations.

Beylix soon turned into the ’Verse’s garbage dump. Unified Reclamation bought property all over Beylix from farmers eager to sell and retire on Bellerophon or some such greener pasture, and then steamrolled over most of the holdouts using every dirty trick in the book. Once they had the planetary council in their pockets, they started trucking in the Core’s trash by the boatload. Organic waste, medical waste, toxic waste, and scrapped tech of all varieties were soon piling up all over the world, with reclamation facilities popping up everywhere to process the garbage.

Soon after UR started dumping trash on Beylix, they noticed that local citizens were scavenging their way to prosperity. Sensing an opportunity, they instituted a fast-tracked licensing scheme for junk dealers, and jumpstarted a planetary industry. Beylix is now the place to go to find refurbished and rebuilt starships for cheap prices.

The centrepiece of Unified Reclamation’s operations is the Yard – a continent-sized scrap heap that houses the remains of thousands of gutted hulks. This gold mine of potential salvage is walled in and patrolled to ensure that only licensed salvors are working the wrecks over. Unified Reclamation is the only Law inside the borders of the Yard, and they treat illegal scrappers very, very harshly.

Most of the planet is controlled by Unified Reclamation, obviously. There is a functioning planetary government, but everybody knows which side of the bread their’s is buttered on.

Beylix has three moons: Charity, Cinote, and St. Lucius.

Locations of Note


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