Bernadette is the first planet orbiting White Sun. Its population is 3,754,542,000.

A Central Planet, Bernadette was the third Core World colonized after Londinium and Sihnon. Like all Central Planets, Bernadette is highly modern and civilized, and its citizens have access to the best Newtech around. Large edifices of steel and glass dominate the skylines of its urban centres.

Bernadette is home to many religious groups and ecumenical associations. In the halls of its many seminaries, madrasas, and temples, Islamic clerics and Hindu fakirs debate Buddhist monks and Christian shepherds, while adherents of dozens of sects, mainline and fringe alike, rub shoulders. There is a thriving theological underground of suppressed cults, and devotees of more fanatical, fundamentalist groups find themselves under surveillance from time to time. The Alliance’s concept of religious freedom applies mostly to tolerant branches of the major faiths.

Bernadette is a traditional launching point for those leaving to settle on other worlds on the border and rim. Settlers arrive here from other Central Planets and make preparations to set off for a new life.

There is an entire business sector on Bernadette that caters to these settlers, selling them tools and supplies, including GenSeed.

Bernadette’s spaceports are crowded with settlers loading onto transport ships, liners, and other conveyances retrofitted for a one-way push to the outer rings.

Bernadette’s dirty little secret is that it is also a locus for an underground slave trade. Would-be settlers, particularly the ones who have traveled to Bernadette from other worlds, are shanghaied and pressed into involuntary servitude on terraforming stations, resource extraction operations, and other hellholes across the ’Verse.

The slavers, including snakeheads from the KMT Triad and other shadowy organizations, know enough to leave the locals alone, as outsiders are less likely to be missed.

Landing on Bernadette is technically restricted, but tourist visas can be issued in transit and settlers gathering for expeditions are routinely given travel clearance.

Bernadette has two moons: Nautilius and Spinrad.

Locations of Note


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