Ares is the first moon on Boros. Its population is 34,000,000.

Ares is home to the Iskellian Corporation’s largest military shipyards, both surface-based and orbital, and up to five gargantuan Alliance cruisers can be seen under construction in the orbiting dockyards.

Ares is thick with Alliance, and the landing restrictions for travellers are some of the most stringent in the ‘Verse. Most of the planet’s population is made up of government agents, Alliance bureaucrats, military folk, and corporate drones. If your clothing doesn’t sport an Alliance or Iskellian badge, then you’re definitely on the wrong moon and you might get a warning shot to the face.

The tight security doesn’t deter the more determined, however – Ares is a magnet for corporate espionage and a target for terrorists looking to make a statement.

Locations of Note


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