Campaign of the Month: January 2011

Honour Among Thieves

Hull Down Session Two
The Adventure Continues...

The trio were quickly relieved of their weapons and handcuffed to their seats as the Sheriff and his deputies commandeered the bus and started back to town.

The crew was kept under careful watch by a young bespectacled deputy with murder in his eyes who looked all-too-ready to give them both barrels of his battered shotgun. A bandage on the boy’s head spoke to a recent run-in with trouble and it was obvious he was nursing a grudge. Sheriff Ellis Dayton (as he introduced himself) remarked that "you cons are getting bolder by the day, but if you decide to pay a visit to Evans City you’ll get more than you bargained for.”

As diplomatically as possible, Johnson pointed out that the three of them weren’t exactly sporting prison tats and the regulation shaved heads.

“Then what were you doing out there?” was the Sheriff’s response. Not wanting to cop to an illegal salvage rap, Johnson stayed quiet for the rest of the trip.

Hull Down Session One
The Adventure Begins...


The thug’s fist struck Ying Johnson square in the face.

The pilot saw stars for an instant as he was knocked out of his chair, playing cards scattering across the table as the poker game dissolved into a brawl. As he hit the floor, Johnson tried to shake the stars from his vision, and then realized he was staring out a porthole in the hull of the space station’s entertainment module.

Johnson’s crewmate, Wentworth Evans, stayed seated at the table as the drunken lout and his friend got to their feet, snarling oaths in Mandarin that would have scandalized his mother back home on Beylix. He folded his hand and dropped the cards to the tabletop, then took hold of Johnson’s recently vacated chair and calmly swung it overhand into the nearest man. The cheap wooden chair shattered, and as Evans heaved his three hundred pound bulk to his feet, so did the thug’s bravado. The brute staggered back, stunned, as bits of chair tumbled to the deck.

Johnson scrambled to his feet as his attacker, who had taken an off-hand remark quite personally during the card game stood before him, fists at the ready. Johnson smirked and launched a kick into the man’s midsection. The thug clumsily tried to parry the blow, but Johnson’s boot made contact, leaving an imprint on the man’s already-dirty work shirt. The kick knocked the man back into the table, spilling the remaining drinks and poker chips to the tavern floor.

Worth stood a good foot taller than his opponent, but that didn’t stop the man from flailing at him. He managed to connect with Worth’s stubbled jaw. Worth shook his head almost regretfully, picked up his own chair, and smashed it over the man’s head. This time, the thug’s body hit the floor around the same time as the pieces of broken furniture.


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