Wild Sky


AGI – d8 ALE – d8 INT – d12 STR – d4 VIT – d4 WIL – d6

Life Points – 10

Initiative – d8 + d6


Assets – Talented – Laser Science (major), Steady Calm (minor), Mechanical Empathy (minor), Moneyed Individual (major), Math Whiz (minor)

Complications – Loyal (minor), Stingy (minor), Overconfident (minor), Prejudiced (minor), Credo (“Always Finish What you Start”) (major), Military Rank (minor)


Covert d6, Craft d6/small arms design d10/heavy weapons design d8/security system design d8, Guns d6/pistols d8, Influence d6/barter d8, Mechanical Engineering d6/create or alter mechanical device d8, Perception d6, Scientific Expertise d6/Laser Science d12/ballistics d8, Survival d4, Technical Engineering d6/create and alter technical devices d10


Newtech tactical suit, Newtech pistol, Newtech laser rifle, chameleon suit, modular tech workshop (installed in Shenmue’s secondary cargo hold), cutting torch, fragmentation grenade, concussion grenade, flash-bang grenade


Akane Arai and her twin sister Akahana were born on the Central Planet of Sihnon in the year 2489. Akane’s mother was a corporate magnate and her father was a well-connected member of the Alliance Parliament. She was raised in an environment of great wealth, leisure, and opportunity, and resented it as soon as she was old enough to recognize the meaninglessness of it all. She dedicated herself to something much more tangible – innovation and the desire to create, not stagnate.

She promptly enrolled in the best engineering school the Alliance had to offer, the Celestine Engineering University located on Osiris, and graduated near the top of her class. She toed the party line for her parents’ sake, but was looking for an opportunity to subvert their authority. Then the perfect chance came along – the War for Unification.

As a child of the Verse’s elite, she could have easily purchased a deferment when the draft came around, but instead, she volunteered, finding herself on the front lines in a combat engineering battalion. She excelled in her new environment just as she had at school, rising to the rank of First Lieutenant, and her skills caught the attention of the Alliance’s Military Council. After receiving a commendation for improving her unit’s efficiency by 20 per cent, she was transferred to a “special operations unit” far from the battlefield, but not far from the action.

It turned out the Alliance was always looking for bright, talented individuals to absorb into their weapons research program, and Akane soon found herself confronted by a dark side to the government that she hadn’t dreamed existed. She was the lead designer on something called “Project Shiretoko.” Realizing that it would live up to its name – the end of the earth – she decided to shut the project down in a way that would not implicate her. The collapse of the seemingly promising project caused a minor scandal, but by using her parents’ considerable influence, she was able to leave the Alliance military without a less-than-honourable discharge marring her service record. However, she remained a person of interest to the government, particularly her former superiors, who were suspicious of her intentions.

Now a free citizen, Akane put her skills to work as a freelance security system and weapons designer. For security reasons she concocted an alias and designed under the pseudonym “Wild Sky.” Her talents were soon in demand by the private sector – recruiters from Blue Sun and Iskellian hounded her wherever she went. But she was not interested in signing on to be a small cog in a very big machine. Sister’s doing it for herself.

She is currently at the centre of a small network of contacts and runners who pass along design requests from shadowy figures through a series of fronts and blinds. She’s always at least two times removed from her customers. Her personal workshop is capable of fabricating small and medium-sized items, but for anything larger she tends to sell the design specifications back to her customers and let them sort out the manufacturing details themselves.

Her success as a businesswoman has allowed her to become independently wealthy and thus less dependent on her family’s considerable fortune. However, her success has also attracted all manner of unsavoury competitors and disgruntled victims of her work. She does her best to stay on the move, never setting up shop anywhere for longer than six months, and she avoids the Central Planets like the plague.

Akane Arai is five foot five, with medium-length black hair swept up in spikes. She wears a jacket with a mandarin collar, polished buckles and flared sleeves over a tiered prairie skirt with high black patent leather boots and a matching holster for her Newtech pistol. Though no longer on active duty, she maintains a wardrobe of Alliance military uniforms.

Akane chose a very different lifepath than her sister. Akahana was always protective of Akane while the two grew up, as Akane was more nerd than jock, while Akahana was a gifted natural athlete. This engendered a deep feeling of loyalty in Akane towards her sister that persists to this day, even though they do not see eye to eye on practically anything. Akane believes her sister to be a victim of the idle aristocracy and its vapid pursuits.

Wild Sky

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