Martinez Gun Thug

Mean mercenaries.


Agi d6 Str d8 Vit d6 Ale d6 Int d6 Wil d4

  • Life Points – 10
  • Initiative – d6 + d6

Traits: Military Rank (Minor Asset), Loyal – to Martinez (Minor Complication)

Skills: Athletics d6/dodge d8/swimming d8, Covert d6/camouflage d8/tracking d10, Discipline d6, Guns d6/assault rifle d10/heavy weapons d8, Perception d6/search d8, Melee Weapon Combat d6, Planetary Vehicles d6, Survival d6/swamp survival d10


Martinez, or more accurately, his security chief Salazar Cain, has scraped together a crew of hired guns to patrol Blackwood and keep the indentured workers in check.

The thugs are drawn from the ever-ready supply of Unification War vets, petty criminals with a wide mean streak, and those who love inflicting violence. They are given natty red berets and weapons, and unleashed on the populace with little other training.

The only Rule of Law on Blackwood is that they are the Law.

Martinez Gun Thug

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