Kingston Davies

A Beaumonde-based gangster.


Agi – d6 Str – d8 Vit – d6 Ale – d10 Int – d8 Wil – d8

  • Life Points – 14
  • Initiative d6 + d10

Traits – Friends in Low Places (minor), Greedy (minor), Loyal (to his brother Hinton)

Skills – Athletics d6/dodge d10, Covert d6/streetwise d12, Influence d6/negotiation d8/intimidation d10/leadership d10, Guns d6/pistols d8, Knowledge d6/business d10, Perception d6/black market trends d10

Gear – Pistol (d6W/100/3/8)


Kingston Davies was a gangster on Beaumonde who ran a pachinko parlour called the Mach Go-Go-Go. Among other things, the parlour was a money laundering operation as well as a conduit for illegal stimulants.

Kingston’s operation extended to the nearby planet Ghost, where his brother Hinton acted as his proxy.

Kingston Davies

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