Cal Winters

An easygoing corporate stevedore


Agi d8 Str d10 Vit d10 Ale d6 Int d6 Wil d6

  • Life Points – 16
  • Initiative – d8 + d6

Traits – Friends in High Places (Docking facilities), Sweet and Cheerful, Things Go Smooth, Portly (minor), Credo – family first (minor)

Skills – Athletics d6 /lifting d8, Discipline d6, Guns d4, Mechanical engineering d6, Planetary vehicles d6, Survival d6, technical engineering d6, unarmed combat d4

Gear – Shipping manifest reader, Utility Mule (1-man, P d4, speed 40mph)


Cal Winters is foreman of a shipping/receiving crew at Toshiro Heavy Industry’s warehousing and manufacturing complex on Osiris. He believes in providing excellent customer service to the transport crews who arrive and depart from the Toshiro corporate docks. After all, his superiors are watching, and bonus season’s coming up.

Cal Winters

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