Kurt Bristow


Agi – d8 Str – d8 Vit – d8 Ale – d6 Int – d6 Wil – d8

  • Initiative – d8 + d6
  • Life Points – 16

Traits – Dead Broke [m], Portly [m], Friends in Low Places [m]

Skills – Covert d6/forgery d8/streetwise d10, Guns d6, Influence d4, Knowledge d6/appraisal d8/business administration d8/logistics d8, Perception d4, Planetary Vehicles d4, Survival d6, Unarmed Combat d4


Kurt Bristow is a warehouse owner and drop point agent working in Stanton Gap on Athens. He runs Outrider Shipping, a fly-by-night cargo transport company that is nothing more than a cover for his smuggling work. He employs a small gang of sturdy crate-busters who work at a snail’s pace.

Bristow looks every part the harried office manager – balding, overweight, with oft-licked limp lips and a propensity towards sweating through his rumpled clothing. A silk tie is his only concession to fashion. He keeps his office desk stocked with cheap booze.

Bristow counts Persephone crime boss Badger among his clientele.

Kurt Bristow

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