Mister Basimba

The Sundeen Seven's second in command.


AGI – d6 STR – d10 VIT – d8 ALE – d8 INT – d4 WIL – d4

Life Points – 14 Initiative – d6 + d8

Traits – Fightin’ Type, Tough, Mean Left Hook

Skills – Animal Handling d6, Artistry d6/cooking d10, Athletics d6/dodge d8, Covert d6, Discipline d6, Guns d6/pistol d10/rifle d8, Melee Combat d6/throwing knives d10, Survival d6, Unarmed Combat d6/Obnu Bilate d10

Weapons – 10 throwing knives (d4W), two security batons (d2S)

Equipment – Ballistic Mesh vest


The gang’s second in command, Basimba is cold, calculating, and utterly devoid of the human quality of mercy.

Mister Basimba

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