Worker Barracks

Living arrangements in a sprawling mining camp like Blackrock City are always a hodge-podge affair, but the peculiarities of Dukkha’s breathable atmosphere – that is, the lack of it – makes for certain commonalities. Most mining crews have their own pressurized barracks – prefabricated units often used as modular steerage accommodations on board starships. These units have life support hookups for air and power.

A typical mining crew dorm
A typical common room module

BunkMany of these units can be connected via standardized airlock couplers. Others are little more than sealed-up shipping containers. Most alternate between being cold and drafty (and thus expensive as air leaks out), and being overly hot and stuffy. It is little wonder that so many workers seek the comforts of places like The Girl’s Best Friend. Space is at a premium and privacy is all but non-existent.

These units are scattered about the streets of Blackrock City, some clustered together as friendly mining crews pool their resources, while others are more isolated – home to the paranoid and those who do not play well with others. Despite the wealth being amassed by some of these crews, single dwellings are the exception rather than the rule – the men don’t see much use in spending their hard-earned rocks on fancy living quarters.

When major players like Corone or Far Yukon show up and “civilize” the camp, more permanent shelters on a larger scale – each housing hundreds of workers and support infrastructure – are likely to be built, but for now, a daisy chain of box-like barracks fits the bill.

Worker Barracks

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