Tomcat UTV


Tomcat Utility Vehicle

  • P: d8
  • M: d2
  • Weight: 2000 lbs
  • Capacity: 440 lbs (cargo box), 2000 lbs (towed)
  • Effective Range: 200 miles on one charge
  • Speed: 60mph
  • Armor: 2W
  • Cost: 450 credits (the civilian 2-seat model would run about 50, with no armor or weapons)


Silent Running: The vehicle has few moving parts, and those that move are oiled up and whisper-quiet. As such, the vehicle gets a one-step bonus to any stealth-related activity.

Takes a Licking: Due to its hardy composition and lack of frills, all attacks on the Tomcat do basic damage only, and the vehicle is not affected by stun damage. Additionally, the Tomcat will continue operating until it has taken double its life points in damage.


Athletics d6 (terrain-reactive suspension) Covert d4 (camouflage exterior and quiet drive train) Heavy Weapons d2 (fire control)

Weapon Systems:

Iskellian Technology Solutions RS-720 “Ripsaw”

This weapon is aptly named; it chews through infantry the way a saw chews through softwood. It features an over-under machine-gun and grenade launcher, both fed from ammunition drums mounted in the rear of the vehicle. The weapon mount is traversable a full 360 degrees and can be fired manually by the vehicle’s passenger, (providing half cover) or remotely from the safety of the vehicle’s enclosed cab. Remote firing decreases the weapon’s accuracy, offering a one-step penalty.


  • Rate of Fire: 3/full auto
  • Magazine: 200 per box
  • Damage: d2W (vehicle scale)
  • Range: 300 feet

Grenade Launcher

  • Damage: Variable (usual load-out is 6 fragmentation, 6 concussion)
  • Magazine: 12 grenades
  • Max ROF: 2
  • Range Increment: 100

Debris-Clearing Blades

This cat has claws – blades mounted on the front bumper to aid with trail-blazing. Their secondary use as an offensive weapon is purely coincidental.

Damage: Collision damage +d2 (vehicle scale)

Description: Based on a successful design from Earth-that-was known as the Tomcar, the Tomcat UTV is a highly maneuverable, lightweight utility vehicle packing the firepower of an entire squad of conventional infantry. The Tomcat is well-suited for reconnaissance and patrol activities. Seating two, the Tomcat sports a weapon mount with full 360 degree rotation, armor plating, and ground-reactive suspension systems that not only give the vehicle fifteen inches of ground clearance on even terrain, but thanks to Newtech hydraulics, allow it to “walk” over substantial obstacles in its path. The Tomcat is also equipped with “claws” – brush-clearing blades mounted on the front bumper that double as anti-personnel weapons. The vehicle is whisper quiet as it runs on a rechargeable power cell.

Tomcat UTV

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