The Vineyard

The Vineyard is a coastal settlement located in Greenleaf’s northern hemisphere and epitomizes the “wine country” of the planet’s more temperate climes.

Most folk who live in The Vineyard are either grape harvesters, vintners, or are otherwise employed in agricultural pursuits.

The town centre is home to a marketplace of small, independently-owned shops where one can pick up breads, meats, and cheeses.

The largest building is a fine restaurant and inn that boasts baths and massages. A small, whitewashed church is the only other structure of note in town. The bell in the church’s steeple chimes every hour, on the hour.

The Vineyard’s spaceport is limited in service; a Port Tower for traffic control, a small mechanic’s shop, and a Port Authority building that doubles as a tourist information centre. Starship fuel is sold for three times the going rate.

The spaceport is connected to a series of slips and piers along the water, where a variety of seagoing transport vessels are docked, trolling for either passengers or casks of wine, both usually bound for the equatorial resort islands. A number of brochures and video terminals in the Port Authority tout the vacation options in wine country (bed and breakfasts and wine tours for the most part) and advertise the maritime pleasure cruises.

Visitors to The Vineyard who do not have business with the local wine manufacturers or who aren’t looking for a quiet vacation spot tend to stand out.

Locations of Note

The Vineyard

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