The Szechuan Noodle Supper Club

The Szechuan Noodle Supper Club is a nightclub and all-night restaurant located in Stanton Gap’s high density residential district.

The nightclub’s décor is as loud as the music, leaning towards an overabundance of velvet and faux-bamboo trim inlaid with neon lighting that shifts from one gaudy shade to another in time with the pounding rhythm from the club’s sound system.

The club is run by the local chapter of the 14K Triad. Its leader, dragon master Denny Tan, also happens to be the resident headliner, performing nightly on stage to a packed audience of Tong gangsters, Tong wanna-bes, their girlfriends and other hangers-on.

The restaurant serves Tsingdao and Maotai, and yes, bottle service is available if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Szechuan Noodle Supper Club

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