The Resort

The Resort

The Resort is located on Branson’s Mark, a moon of Shadow. It is a hideaway favoured by the criminal gang known as the Sundeen Seven.

Originally constructed as an island getaway for Shadow’s wealthy ranchers, the small atoll had the misfortune of being located directly in the path of the first wave of terrible storms that wracked Branson’s Mark in the years following the destruction of Shadow and the end of the Unification War.


The artificial island was built to withstand extreme variances in weather, and featured heavy concrete buildings and a high seawall, but even these fortifications proved inadequate in the face of the tremendous cyclones that roiled over the oceans of Branson’s Mark.

Hotel_Courtyard.jpgThe Resort featured several hotel towers, pools, a shopping plaza, theatre, nightclubs, and landing facilities for both air and watercraft. It is now a tangle of shattered concrete, broken glass, and rusted rebar.

Locations of Note

The Resort

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