The Morley Boys

Scut Morley leads a band of not-so-merry men on Branson’s Mark, the first moon on Shadow.

Morley’s gang are scavengers, picking over the bones of the Evacuation, that chaotic influx and outflow of refugees from Shadow during the Unification War. Those who fled the devastation of Shadow’s bombing soon found it necessary to flee again as Branson’s Mark’s weather took a turn for the worse. Many temporary evacuation centres were left behind in varying degrees of disarray, and crews like Scut Morley’s hope to find treasures at each and every one.

When they aren’t hunting for scraps and salvage, Morley’s gang shakes down isolated settlements like Bodhi Hollow.

The core members of Morley’s gang are his cousin Murph, childhood buddy Buck Holst, hanger-on Bert and gunhand Digger.

The Morley Boys

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