The Maidenhead

Just another Friday night at the MaidenheadThe Maidenhead is an underground establishment in every sense of the word – its main barroom is two stories down a flight of rickety-looking stairs and looks as though it had been carved out of solid rock.

The bar is dominated by large CorVue screens beaming in news and entertainment (and the occasional Fruity Oaty Bar commercial). Security is tight; a shockrod-weilding bouncer monitors an automat-style guncheck, and a bright neon sign advertises the bar’s weapons policy: no firearms, no explosives, no acids.

Live entertainment is provided by fan dancers and alluring bartenders.

The Maidenhead is where gangsters Fanty and Mingo hold court. They can be found in a secluded booth, usually wooing some of the crowd’s fancier ladies.

The Maidenhead

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