The Girl's Best Friend

The Girl's Best FriendThe Girl’s Best Friend is a brothel recently established in Blackrock City, servicing the mining crews that are tearing apart the landscape looking for carbonado diamonds. It is run by Oh Suzanna.

The name of the whorehouse is indicative of the preferred currency for business transactions on the premises.

From the outside, the Girl’s Best Friend doesn’t look like much – just another utilitarian prefab habitation module. But it is the shining jewel of Blackrock City nonetheless.

The Girl’s Best Friend has taken to issuing tokens; small gold-plated coins inlaid with a carbonado chip, redeemable at the bar, bedrooms, or other amenities.

The pleasure dome is laid out in a series of concentric circles.

The Front Office

This section of the building contains the main entry airlock and Oh Suzanna’s welcoming parlour as well as her front office. Security men are also stationed here. Office space for the bordello’s support staff (bartenders, security, etc.) are located in this section.

The Bar

The illuminated bar.The second level in is the most crowded and raucous section of the Best Friend. The entire circular level is one curved, narrow nightclub, famous for its single unbroken bar that runs the entire level (the bar is in fact broken in three separate places, but they are spaced so that they are difficult to spot depending on where one is situated).

Show time at the Girl's Best FriendEntertainment in this level is provided by dancers and the saloon girls, many of whom are being groomed personally by Oh Suzanna for more explicit services, should they pass muster.

The bar is full of miners who are intent on letting off steam. Men will blow their entire week’s haul of uncut diamonds on stiff drinks and attention from some of the hostesses before they even get to the whores.

The Casino

The casinoFor those looking for a slightly higher class of entertainment, the next level in is home to the casino, run under the watchful eye of Hatch Hodges. Here the miners put their minerals up as stakes in games of chance, from tall card to poker to faro. The games may be rigged, but they are still the best in town.

The Bordello

The next level inside the building is home to the ladies who ply their trade at the Best Friend. A second security detachment is located here as well, which all customers must pass through on their way to their ’date’s’ chambers. Aside from the ladies’ chambers, which are decorated to their individual tastes, there is a break room and common area, and a small but fully fitted-out medical clinic.

The Vault

This is the central portion of the building, home to the assayer’s office and the main vault where the casino winnings, bar receipts, and of course, the earnings of the lovely ladies of the Best Friend are stored. Oh Suzanna maintains a private office here as well that is connected to the Best Friend’s security feeds. Another security substation is located here.

The Girl's Best Friend

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