The Davies Brothers

Kingston and Hinton Davies were partners in one of two fraternal criminal enterprises operating on Beaumonde (the other partnership being Fanty and Mingo Rample) in the years following the Unification War.

Their base of operations was the Mach GoGoGo Pachinko Parlour in Beaumonde’s Atoll Plaza. The brothers also ran a warehousing operation on the nearby planet of Ghost.

The elder brother, Kingston, ran the Mach GoGoGo, which was likely a front operation for the brothers’ more nefarious and profitable enterprises. Hinton ran the warehouse on Ghost, employing a psychotic lieutenant named Tasker. Kingston regularly arranged for short-range deliveries to be made between the gambling den and the warehouse, hiring ships at random and seldom employing the same crews twice.

The Davies brothers were nowhere near as successful as their rivals Fanty and Mingo, however the twins were covetous of the Mach GoGoGo, as their own forays into a similar business had come to nothing.

In late April 2517, the Davies brothers were killed and their operation was left in a shambles. The younger brother, Hinton, was found dead at his warehouse along with his second-in-command Tasker and two crate-busters. Tasker himself had been involved in a violent shootout with local law enforcement at the High Five Diner on the same day that he was killed, but the two events were seen as unrelated during the cursory criminal investigation that followed. Kingston was killed approximately a day after his younger brother, shot twice in his office at the rear of the Mach GoGoGo. Security cameras showed a large man fleeing from the pachinko parlor, but no positive identification was ever made.

Fanty and Mingo quickly absorbed the few remaining employees of the Davies brothers into their own operation and quietly took over the Mach GoGoGo soon after. Interestingly, Beaumonde police never considered them to be suspects in either Kingston or Hinton’s murders.

The Davies Brothers

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