The Chi'ang Shih

Allied Enforcement Dossier DD-21

  • Subject: Chi’ang Shih (mercenary organization)
  • Classification: Mercenary Organizations, Unlawful Combatants, Criminals known to use Mantis-class starships

List of Incidents Attributed to the Chi’ang Shih

June 23, 2511 – Attack on Internment Camp Florence

  • Location: Three Hills
  • Fatalities: 21 (camp guards and prisoners)
  • Notable fatalities: General Geoffrey Devchenko, camp commandant (Alliance), Colonel Roger Lin, top-ranked Independent prisoner in camp

Incident Summary: Camp Florence housed more than 25,000 Independent PoWs and served as a processing centre for combatants as they were registered, mustered out and paroled at the close of the Unification War. Sniper fire felled the camp’s commander, disgraced Alliance General Geoffrey Devchenko, as well as Colonel Roger Lin, who had led the Independent forces stationed on Three Hills. No prisoners escaped during the incident. A Mantis-class evac vessel was tracked by air patrols but evaded capture.

January 12, 2512 – Firebombing of Constance Trade Station

  • Location: Constance
  • Fatalities: 3 (employees)
  • Notable Fatalities: Captain Clive Caswell, pro-Alliance militia leader (retired)

Incident summary: Pro-Alliance militia forces on the moon of Constance had been cashiered at the conclusion of the Unification War and their members resumed civilian lives. The leader of the militia, Clive Caswell, had returned to his job running a trade station in a small town on Constance when an incendiary device, likely sent through Alliance post, detonated and consumed the trade station. Caswell and two employees were killed.

August 5, 2513 – Nevada Ranch Massacre

  • Location: Muir
  • Fatalities: 20
  • Notable Fatalities: General Joseph Bailey (Alliance, retired)

Incident Summary: The entire police force of Nevada Ranch on Muir was wiped out on August 5, 2513 by a squad of heavily armed invaders The sheriff of Nevada Ranch was decorated Alliance General Joseph Bailey. Witnesses reported seeing a Mantis-class ship dusting off near the police bunker.

October 17, 2513 – Penal Moon Escape Incident Sierra

  • Location: Penal Moon (classified)
  • Fatalities: 3 (prison guards)
  • Injuries: 15 (prison guards and prisoners)

Incident Summary: A Mantis-class evac ship blasted its way into a workyard on the Penal Moon and a number of armed combatants exchanged fire with prison guards as three prisoners, Davis Tan, Laurel Hayes and Paul Goss boarded the ship while hundreds of onlookers cheered them on.

March 12, 2514 – Cameron Bain Disaster

  • Location: Major Shipping Lane
  • Fatalities: 32
  • Notable Fatalities: Captain Deng Paulson (ship’s captain), Lord Dalton Burdett (passenger), Lady Tanya Burdett (passenger)

Incident Summary: The Cameron Bain was a luxury cruiser traveling from Osiris to Bellerophon when it was attacked while in deep space. The crew and passengers were killed and the ship scuttled. Lord and Lady Burdett had been outspoken supporters of the Independent Faction in the higher social circles of core nobility. Crew logs suggest a heavily armed Mantis-class ship fired missiles and shot out the drive before initiating a boarding action.

November 30, 2514 – Penal Moon Escape Incident Tango

  • Location: Penal Moon (classified)
  • Fatalities: 7 (prison guards, prisoner)
  • Injuries: 36 (prison guards, prisoner)
  • Notable Fatalities: Paul Goss, David Tan

Incident Summary: After the recapture of David Tan and Paul Goss in December 2513, another escape incident battered the reputation of the Penal Moon when a Mantis-class ship shot down an Exeter-class prison transport (aka Jailbird) as it left the prison starport and proceeded to extricate prisoners Tan and Goss. Paul Goss was fatally wounded during the escape attempt, although it is unclear whether or not the combatants or prison guards were responsible. The frozen body of David Tan was found orbiting the Penal Moon some months later.

May 30, 2514 – Siege of Santo Hospitality District 15

  • Location: Santo
  • Fatalities: 25
  • Injuries: 212
  • Notable Fatalities: Lieutenant Colonel Brace Thatcher, Major Harwick Havoc

Incident Summary: A squad of heavily armed combatants attacked an Alliance officer’s club on Unification Day, 2514, killing two officers and a waitress. In the ensuing melee, escaped officers rallied their troops from a nearby Unification Day celebration and laid siege to the club. However, the soldiers and their officers were heavily inebriated and began shooting at or near each other. A large number of Molotov cocktails were thrown at the club, likely foraged from the open-air liquor tents nearby. The siege lasted nearly 21 hours before a team of Federal Marshals managed to restore order amongst the boisterous Alliance troops (some of whom thought it was an urban combat training exercise) and entered the burned-out remains club to find that the alleged combatants had disappeared without a trace.

Note: Forensic analysis after the fact suggests that one or more of the combatants perished during the siege and that their comrades removed their bodies during the extended firefight. If true, this is the first known instance where members of the Chi’ang Shih lost their lives during an operation. Blood samples left at the scene were deliberately corrupted and rendered unusable.

There were no recorded incidents that could be tied to the Chi’ang Shih between the date of May 30, 2514 and February 12, 2517.

February 12, 2517 – Firebombing of Shock Nightclub

  • Location: Pelorum
  • Fatalities: 12
  • Notable Fatalities: Farley “Fats” Mason, nightclub proprietor and suspected fence

Incident Summary: Shock Nightclub was suspected as being a front operation for a criminal fencing enterprise. According to witnesses, a team of paramilitary operators entered the club, shot Mason, and set the club on fire to cover their exit. Federal marshals found several kilograms of unregistered gen-seed and crop supplements in the back room of the nightclub, worth thousands of credits, that had gone missing from the payload of a would-be colonist expedition to Muir some months earlier.

March 11, 2517 – The Puslinch Trail Incident

  • Location: Steele (3rd moon on Anson’s World)
  • Fatalities: 12
  • Notable fatalities: Kevin Hobson, Captain (Centauri Wanderer), Tina Grayson, Captain (Vanguard)

Incident Summary: Federal marshals discovered two tramp freighters parked in close proximity in the Steele Outback, indicating possible criminal activity. Upon arrival, the officers on board the ASREV determined that the crews of both ships, the Centauri Wanderer and Vanguard, had been killed. From the position of most of the bodies and the payload still in evidence, officers surmised that the two ships had met to transfer an illicit cargo of machine tools, for which proper documentation had not been filed and duties unpaid. A third vessel had interrupted the transfer of the smuggled goods: a Mantis-class according to the blast signature found nearby. The smugglers had been strafed by autocannon fire from the air before the survivors were rounded up and executed by operatives on the ground. The Centauri Wanderer had co-ordinates for Persephone loaded in its navigational computer.

March 20, 2517 – Firebombing of Mining Station Callisto

  • Location: Halo asteroid field
  • Fatalities: 4
  • Notable Fatalities: Devin Jordan, import/export operator

Incident Summary: A commercial unit rented by Devin Jordan aboard Mining Station Callisto (occupying a LaGrange point near the Halo asteroid belt) was attacked by paramilitary operatives. Jordan, an importer/exporter with reported ties to organized crime, died in the blaze, as did two Mining Station firefighters. Federal marshals discovered several tons of unregistered titanium prepared and packaged for transport in the ruins of Jordan’s business.

April 8, 2517 – Gehenna Incident

  • Location: Hera
  • Fatalities: 2

Incident Summary: The freighter Gehenna was on approach to a starport on Hera when it was hit by weapons fire from an unregistered Mantis-class transport that quickly fled the scene, evading ASREV pursuit and firing missiles at a patrol craft before escaping into deep space. The crippled transport was forced to make an emergency landing, and when rescue crews entered the ship, they discovered several hundred kilograms of contraband. The surviving crewmembers were bound by law and the cargo impounded.

May 15, 2517 – The Jennings & Rall Warehouse Robbery/Fire

  • Location: Eris
  • Fatalities: 9
  • Notable fatalities: Carson Jennings, warehouse owner

Incident Summary: A squad of paramilitary operatives assaulted the Jennings & Rall warehouse complex in Devil’s Elbow on Eris, setting fire to the building to cover their escape. The warehouse owner, Carson Jennings, was a known drop point agent with underworld ties. More than 200 tons of goods, both legal and illegal, were destroyed in the fire, though witnesses say the squad made off with an unspecified payload stacked on a flatbed truck.

August 24, 2517 – Silverhold Starport Incident

Incident Summary: Agent Sinclair, who was under federal investigation for corruption, and two starport security officers were shot and killed during a customs inspection at the []Silverhold starport by a squad of paramilitary operatives who entered the ship from the ground and proceeded to shoot the inspection team as well as a crew member of the ship Peregrine. The paramilitaries then set fire to the cargo in the transport’s cargo bay. Federal marshals later discovered three hidden smuggling compartments on board the ship, loaded with illicit cargo. Peregrine’s last port of call was Persephone. The surviving crew members were all bound by law.

October 3, 2517 – Iridium Star Disaster

  • Location: Destiny (moon of New Melbourne)
  • Fatalities: 12
  • Notable Fatalities: Paris Lane (Captain, Iridium Star), Hiram Winger, warehouse owner

Incident Summary: An Alliance patrol craft encountered the Iridium Star drifting in high orbit around the moon of Destiny. It was without power and did not respond to hails. Upon docking with the derelict, rescue crews discovered that the interior of the ship had been consumed by fire, its crew killed, including noted smuggler Paris Lane. A later investigation revealed the source of ignition – a thermobaric impulse device that used the ship’s atmofeed as the main source of reaction. Flight data recovered from the ship’s navicomputer allowed the patrol craft to trace its point of departure – a warehouse owned by Hiram Winger, a drop point agent with ties to Kuomintang (KMT Triad). Winger’s warehouse had also been consumed by fire, and he and his employees were found dead in the charred ruins. The cargo carried by the Iridium Star was never identified.

The Chi'ang Shih

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