The Cap

CapThe Cap is a small community on Branson’s Mark run by Holton Hill. The town is little more than a collection of Quonset huts and half-buried geodesic domes connected by shallow trenches. The Cap was initially founded as an evacuation station for refugees during the War.

Holton Hill used to run the pleasure boat charters at the Parallax Resort, until the Resort’s management ordered the staff to join up with the Independent Faction and fight the Alliance. Hill and his crewmates promptly left with whatever they could carry, taking the pleasure boats as far away from the Resort as they could, fishing and trading in other ports planetside. That was almost 11 years ago.

The war was not kind to Branson’s Mark’s economy or environment, and Hill found work ferrying refugees from storm-wracked communities to the relative calm of the northern reaches, where enterprising starship captains were charging a premium for evacuations. Hill, his family, and many of his former co-workers decided to stay behind after the pullout and live free doing what they loved – sailing and fishing. Hill also decided to pursue one of his hobbies – moonshining – as a full-time occupation.

The residents of The Cap divide their time between subsistence fishing and distilling whisky.

The Cap

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