SNS Quarantine Zone

A typical heavy-handed Quarantine signThe SNS quarantine zone covers a large portion of Blackwood’s main continental landmass.

The initial outbreak of SNS took place in backwoods territory a few hundred kilometres from Downriver, the largest population centre on the moon. Local doctors notified the Magistrate’s medical officials, and when the disease was identified as systemic necrotizing sclerosis, or SNS, Blackwood’s government wasted no time in contacting the Alliance for assistance.

Production at the Comadreja Saltworks was immediately halted and the workers told to return to their homes and stay there to await further instructions. A shotgun quarantine was hastily erected around where the locals thought the disease was spreading, enforced by the Magistrate’s gun thugs under Salazar Cain.

IAV BeobachterAlliance Research and Rescue arrived in Downriver and immediately placed restrictions on ingoing and outgoing space traffic. The IAV Beobachter, an orbital interdiction platform and surveillance satellite, was positioned over the quarantine zone to monitor the situation and track vehicle movements. The AR&R team, under the supervision of Doctor Travis Park, set up a Quarantine Monitoring Station in Downriver and dispatched investigators to determine the extent of the outbreak. The teams recommended that the communities of Sawtooth Crossing, Mission Hill, and Desperation be immediately isolated, as well as the saltworks and a number of nameless thinly-populated hamlets.

The shotgun quarantine was maintained, with armed patrols monitoring the few roads and waterways that connected the afflicted communities with the rest of the moon, and fences were erected where terrain permitted.

Communities that have been quarantined include Desperation, Europa Township, Mission Hill, and Sawtooth Crossing

SNS Quarantine Zone

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