Shootout at Eavesdown

Shootout at Eavesdown is the sixth adventure of the Honour Among Thieves campaign.

After the events of The Purloined Payload, the crew of Shenmue returned to Persephone to make good on their deal with Badger, delivering his cargo, which had been stolen out from under the crew’s noses by the Chi’ang Shih, a dangerous mercenary organization at the behest of Hagan, a small-time criminal operating out of Greenleaf. The crew of Shenmue had reacquired the cargo in a daring raid of their own.

Their deal with Badger completed, the crew was preparing for their next job when they were accosted by their old foes, the Sundeen Seven, led by Phil Sundeen.

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Shootout at Eavesdown

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