Shenmue is a Firefly class mid-bulk transport.

  • Dimensions – 191 × 128 × 53
  • Tonnage – 2,400 tons
  • Speed Class – 4 cruise/6 hard burn
  • Crew Quarters – Two double cabins, three single cabins
  • Passenger Quarters – One double cabin, two single cabins aft of the #2 hold
  • Fuel Capacity – 100 tons/1000 hours
  • Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load – 400/460 tons in #1 hold, 100/220 tons in #2 hold

AGI – d8 STR – d6 VIT – d8 ALE – d4 INT – d2 WIL – d2

Initiative – d8 + d4

Life Points 8

Traits – Healthy as a Horse, Everybody Has One, Seen Better Days (minor), Ugly As Sin

Skills – Aerial Transport Operations/Firefly d2, Space Transport Operations/Firefly d2, Perception/Terrain Remote Sensing Suite d4


  • 2 20-ton shuttles
  • 6 Corone Mining Consortium utility crates
  • 1 fold-out surgery unit (in #2 hold)
  • 1 modular workshop (in #2 hold)
  • 1 salvage command pod (in #2 hold)


Shenmue’s hull was laid down in 2489. As a survey variant, the ship retained the stock 100-ton fuel tank for 1000 hours of travel time, and was equipped with an upgraded, high quality sensor suite.

The ship was purchased by the Corone Mining Consortium for use as a mining survey craft, a task it performed for many years before CMC’s fleet of Firefly vessels were phased out in favour of newer models. It was sold at corporate auction to the fist of many independent owners, from surveyors to prospectors and the like.

Severely damaged in an asteroid storm, the vessel was salvaged by Unified Reclamation and moved from scrapyard to scrapyard, losing and gaining parts here and there. It was struck from UR’s official register during the Unification War.

The ship was seized by the Alliance during the war, its crew suspected of being Browncoat sympathizers.

Some years before the events of Hull Down, the ship was picked up at a government auction by Sai McKittrick. McKittrick moved it to his lot in Evans City, where it was barely maintained, and was used more often than not as a storage unit rather than a ship.

An older model, Shenmue has its share of problems. On its shakedown cruise, the port thruster’s intake manifold snapped off and fouled the thruster while the ship was in flight, causing it to very nearly fall out of the sky.

The ship is currently plagued by irritating computer performance issues.

Shenmue is captained (albeit loosely) by Ying Johnson.

Shenmue Travel Log


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