Shadow is the third planet orbiting Murphy, a brown dwarf star in the Georgia System.

“Once it was said that the prairies of Shadow stretched out so far under such a clear sky that a man could see from here to God’s plan. These days, all that is left is charred and blackened rock.”

- The Serenity Role Playing Game

Known for its grain farms and cattle ranches, Shadow was almost entirely rural, with small towns dotting the countryside. Its people were hard workers and independent-minded. Shadow was one of the first worlds to stand against the aggression of the Alliance.

A map of Shadow showing reclamation hubsThe Alliance responded to that perceived aggression, well, aggressively, engaging in a relentless bombing campaign meant to teach the Browncoats a lesson. The campaign left Shadow a burned-out husk, its surviving population scattered to the planet’s moons and even further out into the Black, some running as far as they could, trying to leave their memories behind.

Shadow today is a ghost planet, under the watchful eye of a few Alliance Enforcement Platforms.

Shadow has three moons: Branson’s Mark, Ossolambria, and Summerfair.


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