Quinn Matisse

Quinn Matisse
AGI – d6 ALE – d10 STR – d4 INT – d8 VIT – d6
WIL – d10

Life Points – 16
Initiative – d6 + d10


Assets – Allure – a winning smile (minor), Steady Calm (minor), Talented – Gambling (minor)

Complications – Deadly Enemy (minor), Overconfident (minor), Soft (minor), Things Don’t Go Smooth (minor)


Covert – d6/forgery d8, Guns – d6, Influence d6/barter d8/conversation d8/persuasion d10, Knowledge d6, Linguist d2, Perception d6/gambling d10/intuition d10, Performance d6/acting d8, Planetary Vehicles d2, Scientific Expertise d2, Technical Engineering d2


Derringer, pistol, one set of nice clothes, one set of casual clothes, deck of cards

Quinn Matisse

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