Port City of New Melbourne

New melbourne portThe port city of New Melbourne is the largest city on the planet it is named for.

The city covers a small atoll of natural and manmade islands. A series of concentric breakwaters protects the central urban cores from the extremes of ocean weather, and water traffic corridors snake through the city.

The port is truly intermodal: it services water, air, and spacecraft, and is the central transhipment point on and off-world. The port facilities rival anything seen in the Core.

The outlying sectors of the port are given over to freight terminals and the largest canneries and processing centres, far enough away from the commercial and residential districts so as not to bother residents with the smells of fish and fish-related activities. The spaceport is near the centre of town.

The main commercial districts feature wide pedestrian plazas. Visitors to the centre of town may be forgiven if they forget that they are standing on the only dry land for thousands of kilometres in any direction.

Locations of Note

Port City of New Melbourne

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