Police and Coast Guard Station

Heaven Beach’s law enforcement officers have set up shop in a seaside cottage, complete with rose garden (each new deputy is evaluated as much on his ability as a gardener as a lawman) and wide veranda complete with gravity loungers and spittoons.

The police station contains a two-cell jail, sheriff’s office, armory, communications and traffic control array (including landlock) and storage lockers for contraband and lost luggage. A second, smaller building behind the cottage-y blockhouse is a garage for the police mule, a lights and siren-equipped model that is only brought out for the odd parade through town on Founder’s Day.

Coast guard facilities include a fast rescue shuttle sitting on a launch pad beside the garage, and a directional radar/sonar scanner that sweeps the coastline. The two deputies assigned to the station double as paramedic rescue pilots.

Sheriff Joey Beltram and his deputies have little regular business apart from escorting the odd drunk home.

Police and Coast Guard Station

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