PelorumPelorum is the furthest outlying Central Planet, orbiting the protostar Lux alongside Persephone.

Home to more than half a billion people, Pelorum is a luxurious resort planet, though its pedigree is several notches below places like Bellerophon. It’s been said of Pelorum that it is a sunny place for shady people, but that’s said about a lot of places.

Known for its pleasant weather conditions and beautiful sunsets, Pelorum has a lot going for it. The planet is awash in waves of cash from tourists, urban developers, and the crustiest of the upper crust.

It is a planet of resorts, private villas, entertainment complexes and casinos. Entertainment on Pelorum doesn’t come cheap: lodgings can cost up to one thousand credits a night, and the competition between clients trying to engage the services of a Companion have driven rates into the stratosphere.

PelorumAs you can imagine, security is tight, but for those determined to strike it rich at the end of a deck of trick cards or even a gun barrel, there are indeed opportunities. After all, sheep are there to be fleeced.

Pelorum has one moon, Kaleidoscope.

Locations of Note


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